About CEE

Department Chairperson:

Dr. Hesham  Tuwair

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Hesham  Tuwair, Dr. Wesam Beitelmal,  Dr. Mahad Shamas , Dr. Ali Rafeet (Part Time), Dr.Khalid Al Kaaf (Part Time)


Mr. Mohammed Tabouk (Part Time).

Department Assistant: 

Ms. Laila Elfatih Mustafa

Laboratory Technicians : 

Mr. Said Al Awaid, Ms. Anjum Fida (Part time),

Mr. Mohammed Kashoob

To be the regional leader in providing quality education in Civil and Environmental Engineering and to serve the industry through research, innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

The mission of the undergraduate program in Civil Engineering is to present a high standard of education, which prepares graduating students to provide quality professional services, contribute to the state of the knowledge and practice in civil engineering, and exposes them to a global perspective and an awareness of their leadership role in regional development.

Offered Programs

The department offers the following Diploma and Bachelor programs: