Construction Materials Laboratory

The Construction Materials Laboratory is established to train students to carry out tests on common construction materials such as concrete, steel, wood, and masonry. The tests are conducted to determine the engineering properties in terms of strength, strain, fatigue, creep, elasticity, stiffness durability, and workability. Pre/Co-requisite: CIVE 221.


Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The lab is meant to consolidate the course CIVE 230. Experiments will include: water content, organic content, specific gravity, grain size analysis, hydraulic conductivity (permeability), consolidation, direct shear, unconfined compression, triaxial shear. Pre/Co-requisite: CIVE 230.


Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory covers different experiments that may include: measurement of flow rate, Bernoulli’s theorem, center of pressure, floatation characteristics, centrifugal pumps, cavitations in centrifugal pumps, characteristics of two pumps in series, pipe friction losses, friction in bends and fittings, momentum of flow, Pelton turbine, hydraulic Ram Pump, free and forced vortices. Pre/Co-requisite: CIVE 241.

CIVE 241L-2
CIVE 241L-1

Structural Analysis Laboratory

This computer laboratory is designed to enhance student understanding of theoretical structural analysis concepts by the use of computer simulations and commercially available software packages. This laboratory covers modeling structures with geometric and material properties, application of the loads, interpretation of analysis results, internal forces and deformations, load combinations and design forces. Pre/Co-requisite: CIVE 250.

CIVE 250L-2
CIVE 250L-1

Surveying and GPS Laboratory

In the Surveying Laboratory, students learn how to conduct distance measurements, transits and theodolites, vertical control, directions, angular measurement, topographic surveys, area and volume of earthworks, curve setting out, planimetric adjustment, GPS observable; basic principles of GPS operations; GPS error analysis; field procedures; data collection, processing; applications. Pre/Co-requisite: CIVE 265.

CIVE 265L-2
CIVE 265L-1

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Highway Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory is designed to provide students with knowledge of standard tests and procedures required to test highway materials. Experiments include traffic counting and analysis, aggregate testing, asphalt testing, asphalt content of hot-mix asphalt by ignition method, Marshall Test, traffic impact studies, etc. Pre/Co -requisite: CIVE 470.

CIVE 361L-2
CIVE 361L-1

Water and Wastewater Treatment Laboratory

This laboratory will cover experiments related to the following topics: water supply and wastewater collection systems. Water transmission mains, water distribution systems, pumping, storm sewers, and sanitary sewer systems, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment. Pre/Co-requisite: CIVE 451.

CIVE 451L-2
CIVE 451L-1