Program (Major) Requirements

Program requirements varies from 57 to 98 credit hours from within and outside the department, depending on the chosen major in which the student is enrolled. These are listed in the respective section in this catalogue.

Practical Training and Final Year Project

Internship Training

Fourth year Bachelor students of engineering are required to acquire practical training experience through an internship period of eight weeks. This graduation requirement ensures that each student gains practical training experience during the summer prior to graduation, with either a company or another academic institution. Diploma students also are required to undergo the internship by the end of the second year. Practical training could be registered during Fall or Spring semesters only along with the last 6 credits.

Final Year Project

As part of their fourth year, students are required to carry out a project and submit a technical report. This project is a substantial piece of work that will require creative activity and original thinking. Students (individually or in groups, normally three per group), are supervised while working on a project accounting for three-credits (5 credits for Interior Architecture Engineering) extending over a full academic year. The project aims to provide students with a transitional experience from the academic world to the professional world. It is designed to serve as a platform in which students in teams engage in a meaningful design experience requiring the solution of engineering design projects.

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